My favourite concealers

Hi everyone!!!!

I wanted to do a comparison review of all the concealers that I use to help you guys pick whats best for you!

For consistency, I put concealer on first, on spots on my face and under my eyes and then I put it Cosmetics cc cream (no setting powder) and then kat Von d under eye powder and took more pics πŸ™‚

1) Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Concealer in R30

Here I am with only concealer on, and nothing else

The colour here is a little light for me, but that helps with covering acne and with brightening the under eye area. However, like the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation, this is a full coverage, but very smooth and blendable product. I would say its not the BEST for coverage, but is very good if the texture works for your skintone. Its not as creamy as some other products, so you can see where it starts and stops if you dont blend well.

For my blog post on Makeup forever foundations, here’s the link:

Here I am with the kat von d under eye powder in Petal and It Cosmetics CC cream:

As you can see, it has very full coverage and you cant see any of my scarring. Under eye coverage is pretty good as well. This one doesn’t dry out my under eye area, which prevents ending up with a creasy mess. Definitely recommend this product and making it to your foundation if you wanna give Makeup Forever foundation a shot!

2) Nars Radiant cream concealer in Vanilla

As you can see, relative to the makeup forever one, things definitely blends better. It looks smoother and more even, with fuller coverage. The only downside to this one would be that if you have very dry skin, it can be a little drying under the eyes, but not terribly so. So for combination or oily skin, definitely a perfect one for you!

Here it is with CC cream and under eye powder:

All in all, definitely one that I will continue to repurchase! One of my favourites!

Here I am that day with the full makeup look (a more natural makeup day, with no liner or lipstick, just mascara, shadow and gloss) and proper lighting:

3) Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Vanilla

Next is another one of my favourites, and this is truly one of my favourite products at Sephora. If i had to go on a trip with 3 makeup items, it would be this, better than sex mascara and hoola light bronzer πŸ™‚

Here is the product:

Here I am with only this product on. You’ll see I don’t use it under my eye because I personally am very dry there so unless I use very little in a no makeup makeup look, it doesnt really work for under my eyes. However, although I do have a fair amount of scarring, when i want to quickly throw something on, I use this and the sephora airbrush concealer brush and it blends in perfectly!

4) Born this Way Naturally Radiant Concealer

This is my concealer with the least coverage and weight. It does feel very natural, as advertised, but I only use it under my eyes and it isnt enough for spot coverage on the rest of my face.

Here is the product:

And here is it on both the under eye area and the rest of my face to show you the lower coverage with the product, but it is definitely natural and radiant as advertised:

And now here it is with the cc cream and under eye powder:

So if you don’t want full coverage, but want a natural, blendable concealer, this is my favourite!

5) It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye, Full Coverage Anti Aging Waterproof concealer

So one thing to keep in mind with this brand is that you can skip some steps since there are serums and anti aging products in their face and eye products.

Also the concealer and CC cream colour don’t light up, because I use Light CC cream and medium concealer. So if you are using it just under your eyes, the lighter color could be nice for a highlighted look, but if you want coverage in other places with the same product, you’ll likely need to go a shade up for concealer too.

Here’s the product:

Here it is with nothing else to show the great coverage and it really doesnt seem too dark. Full but natural coverage.

I forgot to take pictures with just the concealer, powder and cc cream. But so I took some pictures of my finished look for the day

So in summary: if you want an all in one product with full coverage, either it cosmetics or nars cream concealer would be my recommendation. If you have oilier skin or dont have dry undereyes like me, my strong recommendation would be the nars matte (pot) concealer. If you want medium, blendable coverage, then Born This way is for you. Makeup Forever isnt my favourite, but it has great colour variety and is fairly similar in finish to the nars cream concealer so if that works for you, great πŸ™‚

Thats it! Hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “My favourite concealers

  1. This was super helpful! Have you tried the Hard Candys Glamoflauge? I’ve seen multiple posts about it on varying sites, and I’ve seen it (apparently) cover up tattoos. I just can’t find it here in Australia 😦


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