Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Eye Primer

Hi everyone!

IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED! I have finally found a product that I like as much as the Nars eye primer but with pigment and in a better package!

Here is the wonderful product:

So a little while ago, I had someone use it on me in a sephora custom makeover and I asked for a sample and forgot all about it. Then I noticed it in my sample collection and decided I’d give it a try!

Here is the look I tried it with most recently:

Nothing too intense but I layered on a bunch of purples and beiges so there’s more product that you would expect.

That day I went to the gym, and sweat a fair bit and was expecting to look like a disaster when I went to run errands after … BUT it was totally fine! Nothing moved!

Here I am at the end of the day with natural and artificial light:

I was incredibly impressed! I will be buying this for sure during the holiday sephora sale 🙂

Now some reviews have said this is drying but they may be using too much. I used very little and dabbed it all over from lash to brow. So don’t go nuts and it should be good 🙂

Also some people like the heavy coconut smell of the other marc Jacobs products but I do not. Thankfully this doesn’t smell like that.

Anyways 10/10 on this one! Head to your sephora and grab a sample to see for yourself!

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