$25 Rouge sale Ideas!

So I wrote this whole post and forgot to post when the November sale was on! But there’s another sale so here it is anyways 🙂


Hi everyone,

Based on Dina’s request, here are some new or fun items to think about while the Sephora Rouge sale is on!

New palettes:

So I have too many eye palettes and havent really looked at any of the ones that have come out. BUT these new huda beauty palettes got my attention because they are smaller, more portable and actually are better value than the equal amount of the larger palettes. Here are the two i have been debating between but likely will grab the mauve one since i already have a bright palette (urban decay electric) which seems to be everlasting!

Here is a new larger palette to show you that the price / pan actually is better with the smaller palettes.

NOTE: I did end up buying the mauve one and it’s absolutely amazing 🙂 blends so well and the colours are all pigmented and have great staying power. 

Also, I have gone to sephora twice now to try out the new kat von d palette and while its fun, i personally have too many repeats in the colours but its been fun to try out and a great pic ! here’s the palette:

here are the two looks:

The colours are vibrant and blend well. They do have done fallout so apply face products after the eyeshadow

Also been meaning to try these and they look great on whenever I’ve seen a sephora artist with it so definitely a great option:

Also, the sephora pro palettes are doing really well and have great reviews. I’ve never used them but all the artists at sephora have said good things about them so definitely worth a shot if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to get a large number of colours into your makeup collection. here are the options:

Next, winter lipstick! I got the kat von d set last year and did a blog post on all the colours. This year, there are less bright colours and more deep winter shades, so if this is something you are looking for, great way to expand your collection with these minis!


Lastly, some of my favourites 🙂 i’d buy this is i didnt already have two of the four colours! honestly unless you are using this constantly, you dont need a bigger one of each than the mini so this is a great option 🙂 you can mix them into moisturizer or foundation to add a little glow, or use a brush / beauty blender to apply it as highlighter 🙂


Of course there are always Sephora Favourites sets where you can try a bunch of products for very cheap. I always buy these for mascara!

Happy shopping!

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