It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

Hi everyone! As promised here is a review on the it Cosmetics Mascara! Here is the product:

Fairly average size price and size for a sephora mascara. I got a trial size and here it is:

So i tried it a couple times and here are the pictures:

So on day 1, I found it really dark black, and it built length really well. I didn’t find it super intuitive with volume. You had to wiggle it in the base of your lashes very gently otherwise it clumped. Maybe I’m used to ones that need a little more help to build volume in the base and so I overdid it. But hey, maybe I’m just not used to having this good a mascara šŸ˜‰

I was pretty happy with the result. Wispy on the ends and heavy volume in the base. Looked like fake lashes!

Here it is on a second day:

Easier now that I figured out how to use it but I really like how it looks.

Here it is after the gym and dinner. No flaking or anything!

So the two other things that are important for me are: how easy is it to get off your lids if you mess up and how easy it is to get off at the end of the day without having to rub your lashes. Good news! Both very easy while still having staying power during the day!

So unless you want intense exaggerated volume in the length of your lashes, thus mascara is pretty perfect! Definitely give it a try!

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