Jeffree star liquid lipstick – Candyass

Hey! So those of you who follow my blog know that I love love jeffree star liquid lipstick so a new formula is something I get excited about.

So a while back, I got my first shimmer liquid lipstick from this brand, in the shade No Tea No Shade

Here it is

Here is it on in the morning (these pics are in an old blog post too):

Unfortunately this is what happened during the day:

After a few hours the corners naturally fade and the whole thing came off after one meal. This is totally different than the matte ones which last ages šŸ˜¦ the shimmer ones you have to shake, so I’m assuming the base separates from the glitter and comes off easier with food. So not a lipstick to wear if you can’t touch it up!

Now, this is the new one I got:

Here it is on:

Looks amazing! I really liked it! Felt so natural on and wasn’t dry at all.

Unfortunately it came completely off. So much so that there was no point in taking an after picture. If you look closely, you can kind of see it but honestly it doesn’t show up in pictures so I didn’t bother.

The one advantage is that at least this wears off fully, rather than weird dark lines, since without the glitter, it’s just lip colour.

Anyways I do still love these but these glitter ones continue to be easier to wear off that the matte

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