Too faced White Peach Eye Shadow Palette

Hi everyone!

Got to try out this palette at sephora before it was available in the store! So I thought I’d share šŸ™‚

Here’s the product and here are the swatches from the sephora site:

So at first glance, I didn’t love the lack of colour variety. 8/12 shades are slight variations of neutral and don’t look very different from one another. So this makes me think it’s a beginners palette to add some calmer colours to your collection. Buuuuut the sparkle shades don’t show up well without glitter glue and really packing it on, which ends up creating a ton of fall out. The huda ones blend so much better without nearly as much mess. Lastly, the only colour to darken the crease is essentially black, which makes this definitely not a palette that someone can use without a bunch of blending brushes and at least a bit of knowledge of makeup.

So all in all not my favourite and I definitely wouldn’t buy it, but the formula is nice and pigmented and blendable in the matte shades so if you are looking to add some neutrals, thus could be for you.

Here’s how it looked on me:

Definitely pretty but if I was going to invest $55 in a palette, I’d pick something with more variety

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