Desio Eyes – Colour contact lenses

Hi everyone!

So this review is a little different than the usual review, but since my original post on this got so much attention, I thought I’d put up a review once I had a chance to really try them out!

I got 4 pairs of contacts from Desio when they had the buy 2 get 2 free sale in November. Since my prescription is toric, it takes 8 weeks to make the lenses, and a couple weeks to ship to me. Here is more information on the lenses:

Here are the four colours I ordered, and the before / after with brown eyes.

First time I tried them on was at night. I took out my regular contacts after wearing them all day, and then tried on the contacts so my eyes were definitely too dry to give this a try. Here are some pictures from that night:

They look really natural, even close up! The little dots that make up the colour look very smooth and you cant see them unless you are a few inches away. They are definitely heavier than my acuvue moist dailies, but these are three month contacts, so of course they need to be heavier and thicker. All in all, they didn’t move when I blinked and they sat nicely on my eye.

Here are they are on the second day when I wore them.

I put them in around 8 am, and wore them until 9 pm, including going to a bootcamp class. They were super comfortable and I didn’t need eye drops or anything to keep them in place and moist.

Everyone at work had positive comments on how they looked natural and that they made my eyes pop! These wouldn’t be my every day contacts but I definitely enjoyed them and will post reviews on each when I try them!

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