Hi everyone!

My lips get suuuuuuper dry in the winter, so at one of the last sephora events, I picked up this bite set which unfortunately isn’t available anymore but all the individual products are!

Here’s what I got:

So the set includes a little one of each of their lip treatment products. Here are my thoughts on each:

So this is the one that impressed me the least. It was a good lip balm but didn’t do enough to protect my lips from the winter. It was fairly thick and stayed on well but didn’t help as much as I’d hope! The gloss from sugar was better for sure.

This was a pretty good product! I liked the fact that it’s all natural ingredients because when you are rubbing something like that into your lips, you’re bound to get a bit in your mouth! The scrub was good, not Tom rough and not too thin. I would buy this one again!

This was my favourite of the three! It was suuuuuper thick and stayed on really well. Very effective and stronger than other lip masks like laneige!

Happy shopping everyone!!

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